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Monthly Archive: December 2010


Diversity Leadership- Bringing Together Different Points of View to Drive Innovation

Diversity leadership is the art and science of bringing people with different ways of looking at the world together to weave creative solutions. An important challenge for today‚Äôs leader is to stress the positives of colorful, inclusive teams while smoothing out issues…


Female Executive Representation in top 400 California Companies Shows Little Progress

The 2010 University of California, Davis Study of California Women Leaders reports only 9.5% of board seats and highest paid executive level positions are held by women. The study also revealed that 35% of the top 400 companies in the study had no women at the board and high paid executive level.


Leadership Inspiration – Unleashing the True Power of Diversity

We must see diversity as a secret weapon to be exploited in order to build the most successful organization. And we must also acknowledge that acting based on our own authenticity is imperative to weaving together the strength of the very fabric of the organization. Join me while we explore why diversity and authenticity are now requirements for any organization that wants to succeed