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Monthly Archive: February 2011

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Life Alignment: The Power of Aligning your Passions with your Purpose

In the past couple of years I have been on a mission to align what I am passionate about with my life purpose. In doing this I had to first ask myself two questions; what am I passionate about? And what is my life purpose? These are not easy questions; particularly the second one that is ever elusive to so many of us. I pondered the ‘purpose’ question for quite some time.

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Diverse Solutions: Involve your Customers and your Employees in Creating New Innovation for your Organization

The world is changing and evolving at a rate that is both fast and slow all at the same time. It is fast when it comes to technology and all of the effects on our daily lives. Where it is slow is when it comes to acceptance and tolerance across different cultures and people.

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Leading Change: Make Sure you Listen to Dissention to Stay Grounded

Leading an organization during change is challenging, you need to be open and inclusive to get creative ideas and solutions from those closest to the business at hand. While leading large transformation projects during my career in the IT Industry I would want to understand all the angles and barriers we would face in execution.

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Accountability Drives Results: Create a Plan with Targets and Hold Regular Reviews on the Progress

We have all seen charismatic leaders who have an uncanny ability to draw people to them, yet without clear directions and goals, structured review and accountability, they fail. Creating a structure with objectives and targets that are well understood by everyone on the team and having those objectives and targets cascade throughout the organization is the foundation of a winning framework.

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Diversity at all Levels: Building the Diversity of the Organization is Important with all Levels

Building diversity is everyone’s responsibility. Anyone who has the job to build a team or organization has an opportunity to craft the diversity by how they chose individuals who will be part of the group. We often think of just the top leaders or executives as responsible for the diversity of a large organization.

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Woven Leadership – The Power of Diversity to Transform your Organization for Success

Today’s fast-paced business cycle demands a new approach to solving problems and moving forward. In a global world, you need employees who understand your customers and the competition. By including people of all races, ages, genders, skill sets and approaches, you multiply the resources available for any given project.


Balancing Act: Leading in your Life

We all have times when our daily activities seem to overtake any of our leisure time activities. Whether its deadlines on the job, responsibilities with our kids or service commitments with our causes, they can be all consuming. When I was a global executive at HP there did not seem to be a beginning or an end to my day.