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Be the Change: Flowing with the inevitability of change will help you survive!

Some people are more comfortable with change than others. Taking an organization or situation from one state and transforming it to another — whether it is business, personal or making the world a better place—is what I truly enjoy, what I thrive on. It comes from my childhood. My father is a retired admiral from the US Navy. We were a typical military family; by the time I was 12 years old I had lived in 11 different residences across multiple states. This experience taught me to be resilient. I was constantly introduced to new schools and had to learn over and over again to make new friends. I never had the comfort of the same house in the same neighborhood with the same friends. In fact, by the time we got settled and got to know our new community, it seemed we were then ready for the next adventure. My two sisters and I did not spend any energy complaining or asking my parents why, we just began packing and saying good-bye to our friends. I learned to be adaptable to ever-changing surroundings. At the time I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my life as I grew older; it was simply what we did. I’ve found as I reflect back that I have always been at ease with uprooting and moving from one place to the next. There is a bit of nomadic spirit that I carry with me. When faced with a new situation, I immediately begin to assess how I will adapt. Change energizes me with that same sense of adventure that was my companion growing up.
With all of this behind me, I easily adapted to a transient lifestyle as an executive leading a global operation. My travel schedule was very intense, and I constantly moved about the world holding reviews and working on strategies and plans to move my organization forward. Many times people would ask me how I could go from one time zone to another so easily. They wanted to know if it was difficult being in so many different hotels and locations each month. The travel was never a problem — I adapted to my surroundings just as I had learned to do growing up. I especially looked forward to trips when I was going somewhere I had never been before. This was always, and still is, very exciting for me. It would be a chance to meet new people, learn a new culture and see a part of the world I had yet to explore.
One thing is always certain – change is constant – whether it is the weather, the economy, our families or many other variations. It is imperative that we all become adaptable. And as humans, we are very adaptable. I believe we have forgotten how much we can adapt when necessary. We sometimes spend a lot of energy resisting a change over which we have no control. One of my favorite quotes is ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ by Mahatma Gandhi. I will leave you with this 2 minute video from Gandhi’s India about how one little boy was the ‘change’ he wished to see. Click here to view.

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