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Work: Can it be fun? Absolutely!

Can leading an organization or project with challenging goals, occasional turmoil and never ending change be fun? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, if it’s not fun then why bother? Obviously the popular answer is ‘because I need to make a living!’ I do understand and fully appreciate everyone’s need to bring home a paycheck; I do not mean to patronize this basic need.

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Finding Purpose: Leading in your life by focusing on your passions

There comes a time in almost everyone’s life that the world knocks, asking to be addressed. Sometimes it is a gentle, persistent rapping heard during international flights while gazing out the window at the mesmerizing clouds. Sometimes the call comes in the form of a knock on the side of the head when you read a headline or see an injustice that just won’t let you turn away.


Balancing Act: Leading in your Life

We all have times when our daily activities seem to overtake any of our leisure time activities. Whether its deadlines on the job, responsibilities with our kids or service commitments with our causes, they can be all consuming. When I was a global executive at HP there did not seem to be a beginning or an end to my day.