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Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace – Life Lessons from Dr. Maria Nemeth

“You deserve to live the life you were meant to live, and you have the energy to do it. It’s time to focus that energy instead of wasting it. And by energy I mean your money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment, and relationships.” -Dr. Maria Nemeth Mastering Life’s Energies

Every now and then we meet someone who comes into our life’s journey that has a profound message. This past January I heard that Dr. Maria Nemeth was speaking on the topic of Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace at the January Sacramento Speakers Network event. I found this very intriguing, so I registered and ventured out to listen and learn. I was mesmerized from the very start of Dr. Nemeths’ talk. She began with a few questions and one of them reeled me in hook, line and sinker! She asked, ‘Would it be okay if life got easier? I mean really, would you be willing to explore living your life with clarity, focus, ease and grace?’ Okay, I’m listening…

Dr. Nemeth went on to describe what she meant:
Clarity – Be clear about what’s really important to you, what resonates with you. She describes that in order to have a luminous life we must engage in a game worth playing with goals worth playing for. The secret to this is that when we do what we enjoy (the ‘game’) and we have goals for the game that are meaningful to us, then we have clarity about how we want to live our life.

Focus – Learning to focus your attention and interest on that which you find to be important. Dr. Nemeth describes doing a ‘life’s intentions’ inventory’ to understand what to focus on. Focusing your attention will take your mind off of the worries and distractions in your life and also keep you engaged in what you find interesting and what you are truly intended to be doing with your life

Ease –One of the key elements of bringing ease into our lives is to ‘bring our everyday actions into alignment with what is important to us.’ When we are not aligned life becomes difficult as we try to engage with activities that we do not find interesting or that are in conflict with our life’s intentions. When we are aligned our energy can be fully present with all aspects of our life; money, time, physical vitality, creativity, enjoyment and relationships.

Grace – Put very simply ‘the way to grace is through gratitude.’ Dr. Nemeth goes on to say to be grateful is to be openhearted and vulnerable. She describes vulnerable as allowing the winds of life to blow freely over your heart and soul. It is to be free of defensiveness by realizing that there is nothing to defend. All of this gives you the energy to be fully present with grace.

I enjoyed Dr. Nemeth’s talk so much that I bought her book Managing Life’s Energies and I signed up for her 3 day course on this topic. I wanted to hear more about how to live my life with Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace. I’ve given a very brief summary but the book and course are so much more. The wisdom that is imparted truly gives you an understanding and tools to journey through life in a different way. I believe we could all use a little more clarity, focus, ease and grace and Dr. Nemeth has a set of practices to help with that quest!

5 Responses to Clarity, Focus, Ease and Grace – Life Lessons from Dr. Maria Nemeth

  1. Karen Hoffman says:

    I took Mastering Life’s Energies at the same time Kim did. It was a transforming experience. Dr Nemeth has a calming, logical way to see an easier path through your life.

  2. This definitely leaves me wanting to know more! This is a new paradigm for approaching a fully realized life, and the concept is exceptionally inviting.

  3. Maria Nemeth says:

    Kim is awesome. It was a delight to have her in this course. And I’m grateful for this write-up! Thanks Kim!

  4. Julie Bryner says:

    I haven’t read your book or taken your classes but it sounds like something I might need to do. When I typed in How to achieve a life of Ease and Grace and this website popped up. I am in need of life changes and the focus to get there. I feel as if life is running me instead of the other way around, me running my own life. When I have said I am unhappy with what I am doing, people ask me, “What do you like or love to do, what is your passion?” Is it crazy to answer that I don;t know? Because I always feel embarrassed to say that. Why do I not know what I like or love to do? Why haven’t I found it yet? What is my passion? I feel that if I can answer these questions I might actually have a life of Ease and Grace…. Maybe your book will help. What do you think?

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