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Accountability Drives Results: Create a Plan with Targets and Hold Regular Reviews on the Progress

    We have all seen charismatic leaders who have an uncanny ability to draw people to them, yet without clear directions and goals, structured review and accountability, they fail. Creating a structure with objectives and targets that are well understood by everyone on the team and having those objectives and targets cascade throughout the organization is the foundation of a winning framework.

While working backward from a set target might seem obvious to some, it is not always a pervasive practice. Countless organizations fail in their pursuit of progress due to a lack of goals, or too poorly thought-out goals. Loosely defined or conflicting goals are worse in the long run. Only a well-organized system of checks-and-balances will support the dynamic team we all want to lead.

Successfactors and Workforce Intelligence Institute studied performance management and how alignment to goals affected the outcome of success. The study revealed 67% of companies with stronger financial performance cover all managers and some levels below with a performance management system. Conversely, only 28% of the weaker performers use some sort of formal evaluation process. In addition, the study found 44% of the stronger performers have almost 100% aligned goals at the managerial level while none of the weaker performers took the time to make sure everyone was working toward the same result. These studies illustrate the strong cause and effect of measuring and aligning goals at all levels.

Setting individual and shared goals – and then holding everyone on the team accountable – is imperative to achieving organizational success.   Focusing on agreed-upon goals that are aligned throughout the organization takes the subjectivity out of leadership and replaces the vague – and potentially biased – system of inconsistent rewards with objective measurements that each member can own. This levels the playing field and ensures everyone is treated fairly.

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