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Diverse Solutions: Involve your Customers and your Employees in Creating New Innovation for your Organization

The world is changing and evolving at a rate that is both fast and slow all at the same time.  It is fast when it comes to technology and all of the effects on our daily lives.  Where it is slow is when it comes to acceptance and tolerance across different cultures and people.   This transcends into the workplace and holds us back from harnessing the creative potential of a diverse team.  The task for a successful organization is to find a way to grow its business and expand its customer base. Most interactions with fellow team members, departments or clients, however, do not involve simple negotiations. There can be complexities that require consideration of many gradients in between. That is where creativity comes into play. What factors can be brought to bear that were not considered before? An organization empowered to think in new ways can often find more ways to get to a creative solution than an organization with only a few tried and true options in its toolbox.

It is also a lot more fun for everyone to be involved in creating new solutions. Take the time to work with customers on new ideas rather than focusing only on internal discussions for new innovation. While this seems like an obvious course of action, many times an organization thinks they already know what the customer wants. Taking the time to hold a focus group or survey of what your customers are struggling with could open up whole new options that would have otherwise been impossible to generate without asking those customers. Likewise, involve your employees in creating the future solutions; they will be more invested in the success of those solutions. This will create a stronger outcome and a loyal organization that wants to be around to celebrate the victory.

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