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Diversity Leadership- Bringing Together Different Points of View to Drive Innovation

Diversity leadership is the art and science of bringing people with different ways of looking at the world together to weave creative solutions. An important challenge for today’s leader is to stress the positives of colorful, inclusive teams while smoothing out issues that can pop up when team members clash in approach and style. Those alternative points of view can come from growing up in different cultures, generations or business units. Divergent perspectives come from more than differences in race, gender, sexual orientation or age. Everyone looks at the world through the lens of his or her own personal experience. All of those perspectives can contribute to developing and implementing innovative ways of solving problems and doing business. That is why it is essential to have lots of different points of view around the table.

Diversity leadership goes by many names, but I call it Woven Leadership because it emphasizes the big picture company goals while capitalizing on the unique contributions each team member makes every day. It is about taking the time to put in place a solid framework that brings together a well-rounded team based on trust. Individuals are accountable for reaching individual goals and everyone works for the good of the organization. Once those supports are in place, a good leader can weave in a culture based on creativity, adaptability and authentic expression. That is how effective leaders change the game to be successful in any dynamic organization.

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  1. Barbara Wakefield says:

    Excellent book and articles!!!

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