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Female Executive Representation in top 400 California Companies Shows Little Progress

The 2010 University of California, Davis Study of California Women Leaders reports only 9.5% of board seats and highest paid executive level positions are held by women. The study also revealed that 35% of the top 400 companies in the study had no women at the board and high paid executive level. This illustrates a clear lack of progress in equality for women in corporate America. Even so, the real missed opportunity is for organizations to take advantage of having women in their highest level leadership ranks in order to boost their competitive position. Why, you might ask, would the simple fact of having women at the executive suite be an advantage? Building diversity at all levels brings a much broader perspective. Wouldn’t you want to have the group that represents the buying power in our economy at the forefront of strategic discussions? Any company who understands having this diversity of thought will bring the insight directly to the discussion when it is needed will have an advantage over their competitors. A report on NPR regarding the study adds further insight highlighting how women are underrepresented at the top. Listen to the story here

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