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Fresh Perspective – Keep Young People in the Mix of Your Organization

There are many forms of diversity, one very important group is young people.  There are 37 million 25- to 35-year-olds who control $1.1 trillion in annual income in the US.  This generation views advertising, technology and consumerism in a different way than the generations that went before them.  If you are going to successfully market to this group, you need to include representatives of this contingent in your employee roster and engage them at various levels.  We need to listen to what they have to say, include them in our leadership teams and develop their leadership potential.  They may not yet have the experience of a long-term career, but they do have their own unique perspectives and they interact with technology in ways we have not seen in the past.  Maintaining a steady flow of young people coming into an organization helps achieve diversity of thought and keeps the energy and enthusiasm of the team at a high level.  This brings new ideas to the table and creates an atmosphere in which creativity thrives.

Looking back to when I was entering the workplace after college, I recall a sense of excitement and possibilities.  I was eager to engage and learn as much as I could.  I believe the young people coming into an organization not only bring fresh perspectives for business ideas, they increase the positive energy of the team!

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