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Kim Box Inspires – The Power of Diversity for any Organization

 Watch the key messages from Kim Box’s ground breaking book about the true power of diversity for any organization.  This is not the same message you hear about with affirmative action but the competitive advantage of bringing together people with different backgrounds, personalities, culture, professional experiences, and many other attributes that make each of us unique.  It is the differences of the individuals in a group that make the organization more innovative and creative in leading strategies that win in the marketplace!

Watch the video here

One Response to Kim Box Inspires – The Power of Diversity for any Organization

  1. Kim, Wow exterordinary read made my day. Would love the opportunity to connect again with you to co-create with you and what your up to. The book was ment for me to read at this time during the early stages of creation at pathways. Your a blessing for veterans and their families. Look forward to hearing from you. Gary at 916-932-6549

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