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The New Leadership Imperative: Top ten things you must build into your leadership toolkit to thrive in the next decade

The world is evolving at a rate that is challenging everyone to keep up!  As leaders we must evolve with these changes in order to be successful.   There are many dynamics that come into play in the business environment, and life in general.  We have globalization of our economy which translates into many cultures coming together in organizations and throughout your customer base.  We have competition evolving with technology at an exponential speed and innovation.  There is also a generation gap between the baby boomers who are facing retirement followed by the X and Y generations stepping up in the workforce.  We are also faced with pervasive information literally anytime, anywhere.  All of these challenges, and many more, call for robust leadership both with our organizations and with ourselves.

There are ten items that you must pay attention to and strengthen in order to thrive in this fast paced world that we live in.


The New Leadership Imperative pyramid represents four key areas of focus; Take care of yourself and those important to you, develop your leadership skills, focus your intentions which then lead to becoming an authentic and successful leader.  The base ‘Self Care’ is extremely important.  It has always been important but not always highly prioritized; if you don’t have your health and your loved ones taken care of then it will be difficult to truly achieve anything else in your life.  You may be able to work hard but it will come at a cost.  The next level on the pyramid is about developing your leadership skills.  Leadership takes focus and skill.  It is important to intentionally look at where you are as a leader and seek opportunities to grow your skills to be effective including getting feedback from those you lead.  The third layer of the pyramid is around focusing your intentions.  Are you leading an effort that you are passionate about?  Are you building a network to support you professionally and personally in the endeavors that matter most to you?  Being purposeful with your intentions is very powerful.  And lastly, the top of the pyramid is about authenticity.  If you are taking care of yourself, growing solid leadership skills and focusing your intentions it will lead to Authenticity.  Being an authentic leader is about being yourself – leading with genuine passion about your mission along with strong leadership skills to be effective.  This is a powerful combination because not only is it aligned with what you want to do and how you want to be but it will be very apparent to those you lead.  Authentic leaders are magnets for top talent.  They have enthusiasm that is contagious and energizing to their organization.  If you think about the times you enjoyed your work the most, I’m certain that you had an authentic leader that had tremendous passion for your organization and where it was heading.  I challenge you to look at this leadership imperative and see where you are on the pyramid and how you can learn and grow to be prepared to thrive in the next decade!

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  1. Srinath says:

    Hi Kim,

    It is really a learning. Felt great reading through the article.

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