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Woven Leadership – The Power of Diversity to Transform your Organization for Success

Today’s fast-paced business cycle demands a new approach to solving problems and moving forward.  In a global world, you need employees who understand your customers and the competition.  By including people of all races, ages, genders, skill sets and approaches, you multiply the resources available for any given project.  However, in this inclusive new workplace you have to empower your diverse team with the candid information, support and permission to bring their authentic selves to the table in order to make the most of your collective creative energy.  That is Woven Leadership and when embraced fully it is a powerful force to help any organization be successful today and tomorrow.

Woven Leadership has just been released to on-line distribution via Amazon and all eBook formats.  Kim Box has spent 3 decades in the high-tech industry leading and transforming large scale organizations.  As a global executive, she has led the transformation of complex operations across more than 100 locations around the world.  She has experienced first-hand the dynamic of bringing people of all types of experiences, cultures, races, preferences and many more difference.  This led her to write Woven Leadership and share her experience and perspective on the power of diverse organizations.

Through her personal experiences, experiences of colleagues and leaders in the community and other known leaders, along with relevant studies, she builds the case that there is strength in differences.  Box points out ‘Managing diversity is a strategic weapon.  When used effectively it can be a powerful force in reaching your objectives.’  Read Woven Leadership to gain more of this powerful insight and join the conversation here on!

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