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Work: Can it be fun? Absolutely!

Can leading an organization or project with challenging goals, occasional turmoil and never ending change be fun?  Absolutely!  As a matter of fact, if it’s not fun then why bother?  Obviously the popular answer is ‘because I need to make a living!’  I do understand and fully appreciate everyone’s need to bring home a paycheck; I do not mean to patronize this basic need.  However, if you are going to be working, why not direct your energy on a project or job that you can enjoy while you’re at it?  I have the belief that it is possible to work hard and have fun concurrently.  I have also always said that when a job or challenge that I am involved in is no longer enjoyable then I will move on to something else.  While it isn’t always easy to do this because of a variety of reasons; economy, location, skills development to name a few, with some effort and planning it is possible.

This also applies to volunteer leadership activities.  There are many times when we step up to lead where it is completely optional.  Sometimes we get into these situations based on the need of an organization and we have a desire to make a difference.   And there are times when we get involved and after a while we think, ’what did I get myself into?’  That’s when you start making an exit plan.  Obviously, when you have made a commitment then you have a responsibility to fulfill it.  You may need to do some planning to exit gracefully, but it can be done.

The best assignments are ones that we are totally engaged and passionate about.  There are times when I’ve worked endless hours but was thrilled with making progress and leading the way to reach a goal. It is those times that I know my team was also energized because they had a leader that was excited about driving towards the vision and willing to work hard along-side the team to get there.  It is possible to ‘enjoy the journey’ along the way to the destination.  For me, there is no other way to travel the path!

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