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Balancing Act: Leading in your Life

We all have times when our daily activities seem to overtake any of our leisure time activities.  Whether its deadlines on the job, responsibilities with our kids or service commitments with our causes, they can be all consuming.  When I was a global executive at HP there did not seem to be a beginning or an end to my day.  My team was in multiple locations across the world so there was never a time when work ceased.  The best time to hold our meetings were 6:00am Pacific Standard Time to get most of the world during a waking hour (sorry Australia/New Zealand – this certainly isn’t a waking time for you!).  I thrived in this environment; it was exciting and rewarding every day.  Nevertheless, there were meetings around the clock.   This poses an interesting challenge for an intense global team. How do you find time for other responsibilities in your life or to work on your own health and fitness?

For me, I kept a routine of running as my base.  It was simply for three reasons; I liked to run, you can do it almost anywhere and the gear takes little room in your suitcase.  I would look for a 30-45 minute break in my day where I could fit in my run a couple days during the week and then go on longer runs or other activities on the weekends.   I realized that keeping up on an intense executive schedule and raising a family required good healthy habits.   I was constantly challenged to fit in a workout, but I knew if I did not keep it up, it would throw me off balance in everything I do.

A year and a half ago I decided to leave my corporate career and pursue other passions that I had in my life.  One of my passions was writing the book Woven Leadership to share my passion about diversity and authenticity in leadership.  A second passion was to focus on community service so I started a non-profit Pathway to Prevention and I serve on three Board of Directors; American Red Cross, St. John’s  Women & Children’s Shelter and American Leadership Forum.  Another passion I had was to be in the best shape I had ever been in at this stage in my life.  I joined a fitness boot camp and became a Triathlete during the last year.  This is certainly more than just keeping up with a basic fitness routine, but it has launched me into feeling the best I’ve felt in years as I Swim-Bike-Run my way through the year.  I’m finding balance and leading in my life in very different ways than I have in the past.  It is all aligned with what I find purposeful for myself, my family, my community and my business pursuits.

How do you Lead in your Life and Stay in Balance?

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